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Victor Moldoveanu is a borderless creative professional interested in interdisciplinary research and design concerning the future of the built urban environment.

Victor is a registered architect in the UK ARB RIBA Denmark MAA and Romania OAR and a registered illustrator in Japan JIA. He holds a graduate degree in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture and prior to his graduation, he participated in multiple challenging and stimulating study ventures in Bucharest, Porto, Brussels, Rotterdam and Aarhus. His extensive travels to South America and North Africa have also had a significant influence over his professional discourse and work, which he does with diligence, dedication and an enthusiastic heart.

Victor is also the recipient of the KRob Award for excellence in digital and hybrid media presented by the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the Bronze Award presented by Japan Illustrators' Association, and his work has recently been curated to numerous exhibitions and publications including the permanent collection of Passion to Perform International Art Initiative and the JIA 100 Most Attractive Illustrators in the World. Highly determined, he has engaged in pioneering research activities and innovative design practices with leading urban design thinkers Alejandro Aravena - Elemental in Santiago, CJ Lim - Studio 8 Architects in London, and Foster + Partners in London.

All comments and enquiries are welcome. Please contact before publishing and posting images. Prints are available upon request via email︎


(2018) 保护天堂 Protecting Paradise
MA Postgraduate Year 5 Thesis Project

(2017) The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom
MA Postgraduate Year 4 Project

(2016) Proyecto fotográfico de América del sur

(2015) The Journal of Creative Works
BSc Undergraduate Studies


(2017) Letters to the Parliament: Denmark Host: Storefront for Art and Architecture New York and Aarhus School of Architecture

(2016) Workfutures: Scrupulous.dk Host: Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Aarhus School of Architecture

(2015) 12 Acts of Demolition Host: Office for Metropolitan Architecture and The Berlage Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design

(2014) Urban Landscapes: from Erasmus to Bruegel Host: Faculté d’architecture La Cambre Horta, Université Libre de Bruxelles  

(2013) Porto Academy '13
Host: Indexnewspaper and Faculdade de Arquitectura, Universidade do Porto

(2012) Bunești School Camp
Host: Ana-Maria Goilav and Petre Guran  

Group Exhibitions

(2019) Drawing Attention: The Digital Culture of Contemporary Architectural Drawings
Host: Roca London Gallery

(2019) KRob Winners' Exhibition Host: College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs at UT Arlington

(2018) Graduate Degree Show
Host: Aarhus City Hall

(2017) CineBucharest: 100 Years of Modernity
Host: Bucharest City Museum

(2017) Architecture Moves
Host: Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture

(2016) National Science Fiction Convention
Host: Ion Mincu University of Architecture

(2014, 2018) Romanian Design Week Central Exhibition
Host: Bucharest Palace of Commerce

(2013) Drawing of the Year Shortlist Exhibition
Host: Aarhus School of Architecture

Books, Monographs and Print Collections

(2018) Moldoveanu, V. Protecting Paradise: The Embassy of Environmental Philanthropy. MA Year 5 Graduate Thesis, Design Project and Design Realisation Report, 2017-2018.
London: self directed publication, 292 pages.

(2017) Moldoveanu, V. The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom. MA Year 4 Design Project and Design Realisation Report, 2016-2017.
London: self directed publication, 184 pages.

(2016) Moldoveanu, V. Victor + ELEMENTAL: Logbook.
Santiago de Chile: self directed publication, 92 pages.

(2016) Moldoveanu, V. The South American Photography Project: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia.
Santiago de Chile: self directed publication, 100 pages.

(2015) Moldoveanu, V. The Journal of Creative Works. My 15 Undergraduate Projects from Ion Mincu, 2008-2015.
Bucharest: self directed publication, 260 pages.

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