We are the generation located on the romantic intertwining of nature, technology and rediscovery of traditional values. We define and reassess our identity through a constant process of decomposition and recovery of memory fragments through artistic and technological drivers.



We employ symbolism and a fictional narrative structure to create sustainable architecture, city infrastructure and environments of spatial and social impact, in addition to the use of political poetics as well as technical exposition. The speculative projects and the extensive research signal a legitimate spatial symbiosis between architecture and urban planning, with symbolism and narrative.

Protecting Paradise

Friendship, peace, equality, tranquillity and freedom can protect the Paradise – the most extensive rainforest of Central and South America.

The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom

A speculative scenario that relocates human habitat from a land based system to a water based system.


Practicant wok portfolio.

The Journal of Creative Works

Undergraduate portfolio works.

Strategic Programming

Part 4 of the Journal of Creative Works.

Organizing Metaphors

Part 3 of the Journal of Creative Works.

Grammar and Fundamentals

Part 2 of the Journal of Creative Works.

Architecture and Illustration

Part 1 of the Journal of Creative Works.


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