Title        Workfutures: Scrupulous.dk
Place        Aarhus, Denmark
Period        September 2016
Societies        Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Aarhus School of Architecture
Team       Victor Moldoveanu and Rima Murad with Stephan Petermann and Ruth Baumeister

        establishing the future of the workplace consultancy

The risen prominence of our careers arguably elevates our workspace to the most important space in our life. In the last decades workspaces transformed from rather neutral environs to spaces of heightened expectations: they should bolster us, feed us with inspiration, simultaneously challenge and comfort us.

Scrupulous.dk is a about the history and the future of our workspace and acts as the flagship project within the History in Practise Program at Aarhus School of Architecture. It is a research collaboration with Velux guest professor Stephan Petermann from OMA and started out by our discontent about the current hype about the creative spaces. We do feel that this needs some more profound consideration and research, which we started by a cloud computing workshop on the history workspace, in which 186 students collected data on various areas related to the workspace, e.g. CEO's vision of the workspace, local office culture, representation of offices in media, places of invention, etc. (Text Ruth Baumeister)

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︎ Baumeister, R., & Petermann, S. (2017). Scrupulous.dk at Aarhus School of Architecture: Creative Spaces. Wemadethat, (VI), 16-17