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Inspired by Jules Verne’s In Search of the Castaways where heroes travel the oceans of the world to find and save the lost crew, The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom occupies 20,000 square kilometres of the Danish Territorial Waters of the Jutland Peninsula. Taking into account the foreseeable sea-level increase across Denmark, The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom is a project showing a model of embracing ocean level rise and consequently taking up life on water. The Ministry has a strategic approach to the foreseeable event of ocean level rise and it operates through a set of components that prepare, protect and provide for the population and the territory under flood threat. These components include habitation, transportation, natural environment, infrastructure, and logistics. Moreover, The Ministry represents and act of education about the ocean and its values: it mediates dialogue between people who part similar hardships and want to share knowledge with compassion and generosity.

I was blessed with inspirational supervisors: Professor CJ Lim and Eva Rosborg Aagaard. I wholeheartedly thank all technical consultants on details and project management (Simon Dickens, The Bartlett School of Architecture; Jette Birkeskov Mogensen, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects Aarhus), structures (Matthew Wells, Techniker Structural Engineers London), environment (Markus Krauss, Transsolar Climate Engineers Munich).


Updated August 2019 :)