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Inspired by the 16th century Chinese classical novel The Monkey King where heroes fight to protect the heavens, the project demonstrates how peace, equality and freedom prove to be democratic design tools that can protect Paradise, the most extensive rainforest of Central America. Protecting Paradise: The Embassy Of Environmental Philanthropy draws upon a diplomatic and bilateral economic agreement that cultivates environmental protection, ethical authority, and political trust between China and the small Central American country of Nicaragua. This thesis brings forward a discourse on foreign investments in underdeveloped countries as well as a demonstration of environmental awareness and protection practices, bringing together tourists and locals in anenvironment governed by five principles of peaceful coexistence.

I was blessed with inspirational supervisors: Professor CJ Lim and Eva Rosborg Aagaard. I wholeheartedly thank all technical consultants on details and project management (Simon Dickens, The Bartlett School of Architecture), structures (Matthew Wells, Techniker Structural Engineers London), environment (Stephan Holst, Transsolar Climate Engineers Munich), invited critics (Christine Hawley, David Roberts, Simon Herron, Susanne Isa), and final diploma examiners (Christine Hawley, The Bartlett School of Architecture; CJ Lim, The Bartlett School of Architecture; Naina Gupta, The Architectural Association; and Søren Leth, Sleth A/S)


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