AIA Dallas KRob Architectural Delineation Competition
November 2018, Dallas, TX, United States
Award for Excellence in Digital and Hybrid Media Winner

"We love this drawing: because it's architecture, it's nature, it's colour, it's ecology, it's fantastical"

The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition (KRob) has celebrated the best in architectural delineation for 44 years. A Dallas classic that has received international recognition, KRob honors hand and digital delineation by professionals and students throughout the world. The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition is the most senior architectural drawing competition currently in operation anywhere in the world. (Text KRob︎)

We love this drawing: because it's architecture, it's nature, it's colour, it’s ecology, it's fantastical. There is a lot of detail and when you go in you discover that there is a lot of stories and the format is amazing, the vertical scroll is actually glorious. So we thought that it was super-rich and a very interesting way to create another kind of representation of architecture        Ada Tolla

The drawing is evocative both in its colour and its formation of the Chinese scroll and yet it’s using it to investigate a relationship between vernacular traditional construction and technological advancements within Central America: so the colour palette is coming from Central America, the formation of an oblique drawing that you scan top to bottom, not Italian Renaissance single point perspective where you situate one observer, but instead something that you move through. I find that really provocative socially. I often find myself intrigued by the political and social that comes through the provocation of representation that is not literally laid onto me reiterating things I know, but making me question assumptions that I hold, and all of a sudden, I am different; and if I am different, I just got politicised        Michael Young

Michael Young is an architect and educator practicing in New York City where he is a founding partner of the architectural design studio Young & Ayata. Michael is currently an Assistant Professor at the Cooper Union. In the Fall of 2016 he was the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professor at Yale University. He has previously taught design studios and seminars at Princeton, SCI-Arc, Yale, Columbia, Syracuse, Pratt, Cornell and Innsbruck University. His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Milan, Chicago, and Barcelona. Michael received his Master's Degree from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. (Text Young & Ayata︎)

Ada Tolla is a founding partner of LOT-EK. She has a degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the Universita’ di Napoli, Italy, and has completed post-graduate studies at Columbia University, New York. Besides heading her professional practice, she currently teaches at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in New York. She also lectures at major universities and cultural institutions globally. (Text LOT-EK︎)

Maya Alam is a German born architect and designer. She holds the title of Dipl. Ing. of Interior Architecture from the Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Düsseldorf and a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. Maya was awarded the AIA Henry Adams Certificate and a Selected Best Thesis Award at SciArc. She was the inaugural recipient of the 2016/17 Boghosian Fellowship. Her work deals with speculations on social dreaming and experimental reuse in consideration of new media and its effects on our perception. (Text Alam/Profeta︎)