The Annual Competition for Architecture Students
June 2012, Brașov, România
Third prize winner

"The jury particularly appreciated the reinterpretation of the Romanian traditional courtyard"

The Annual Competition for Architecture Students (CASA) is a competition first organized in 2010 which focuses on second-year architecture students across Romania. It has lately grown to include regional contestants studying in the Republic of Moldavia, Ukraine and Hungary.

The jury was impressed with the high general standard of the work presented, noting that there were a significant number of projects that reached a level of technical proficiency that was quite extraordinary for second year students. Although fully appreciating the professional level of some of these projects, not all passed to the final phase. This was mainly for the reason that the jury always kept in mind that it was judging a student competition and consequently looked to select projects that explored original and innovative solutions to the brief, which could help make a positive contribution to the educational process. Selecting the award of prizes among the 16 finalists presented a challenge, since they all had reached a very similar standard. The final decision was based on a very careful and detailed evaluation of the finalist projects’ finer qualities        Jurors Concluding Report

This competition was juried by Tomaz Kancler (Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia, and Co-Director of the International Competitions Commission in the International Union of Architects), Luciano Lazzari (partner at Zelco Lazzari, national Head of Delegation to Architects’ Council of Europe in Brussels, Dragoș Oprea (partner at EXHIBIT Architecture), Sasa Randić (partner architect at Randić-Turato) and Roger Riewe (professor at the Technical University in Graz, member of the Scientific Commitee EUROPAN, partner at Riegler Riewe Architects)