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Relocation The Making of Utopia. A Speculative Scenario that Relocates Human Habitat From a Land Based System to a Water Based System


The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom is a demonstration project concerning a regional environmental strategy addressing 23 000 sq km of the Danish Territorial Waters and mainland Jutland Peninsula, with a focus study on the building of the Ministry.


The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom is a project showing a model of embracing ocean level rise and consequently taking up life on water. The Ministry has a strategic approach to the foreseeable event of ocean level rise and it operates through a set of components that prepare, protect and provide for the population and the territory under flood threat. These components include habitation, transportation, natural environment, infrastructure, and logistics. Moreover, The Ministry represents and act of education about the ocean and its values: it mediates dialogue between people who part similar hardships and want to share knowledge with compassion and generosity.


The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom has both local and international responsibility in the upcoming events of global environmental challenges. The Ministry provides a new model of habitation for the local population (coast and not only) ready to remain and pursue a lasting and fruitful life on water and it also protects people who face the same danger of ocean level rise anywhere on the globe. The model of the Ministry will, therefore, diminish the number of global environmental migrants.


The specific area of activity of the Ministry of Ocean Wisdom is a 22 km wide strip of water along the coast of Jutland Peninsula, also called Territorial Waters. In addition, this area will extend inland as ocean level will rise.


The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom is a project that stretches along vast areas of physical and notional space, therefore the mindset and knowledge of the project are displayed in form of four categories which have informed the project throughout its development.


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The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom

2017; design team: Victor Moldoveanu with CJ Lim, Eva Rosborg Aagaard, Simon Dickens, Matthew Wells, Markus Krauss, Jette Birkeskov Mogensen